Marina Strocchi and Wayne Eager

Paintings and Prints

May - June 2016


The surface of the painting is my main concern, along with the structure of the drawing. I try to suggest the qualities of nature in my lines and colours. The landscapes of the central and western deserts are currently my primary inspiration. I am also inspired by road trips to places elsewhere. I sometimes take a point of perspective that could be described as a sweeping bird’s eye view. I use the patterns of nature and a desert palette to recreate fragments of memory. I have memories that seem to slowly become part of the present in my work. The openness of nature is what most inspires me.


In my paintings I attempt to arrive at a point where a number of layers of gestural marks, shapes and colours interweave to culminate in a defined space. The rhythm and harmony of the natural landscape of my surrounds is the inspiration. Though not specific to particular sites in the landscape, at times I tend to use circular shapes, which evoke the small hill of boulders visible from my studio window. My paintings are a distillation process of a series of overlaid marks and shapes. In the 1990s I was more interested in a depiction of the landscape surrounds, whilst now the paintings are more non-representational (abstract) although the basic inspiration remains the central desert landscape, where I live. Most of my influences remain to be from the modernist era: Picasso, Klee, Matisse, Cobra, and abstract expressionism. From Australia I admire the work of Ian Fairweather and Tony Tuckson. More recently, the diverse range of paintings emanating from the Aboriginal communities around Australia is a huge inspiration.